that encompasses the news and analysis journal Defense Express. Arms Export and Defense Industry of Ukraine, English-language edition of the online journal Ukrainian Defense Review and online news portal http://defence-ua.com.

Sergii Hryhorovych Zgurets was born in Lviv, Ukraine, in 1968. He received a degree in military journalism from Lviv Military College. After graduation he received his first appointment to the Siberia Military District. After the collapse of the USSR, S. Zgurets returned to Ukraine, where he worked for some time for the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Narodna Armiya (People's Army) newspaper. He was for a long time with Radio Liberty and nationwide newspaper Day acting as military columnist. S. Zgurets received a training course at Harvard University Kennedy School of Management in 2003.

Since 2001 S. Zgurets has been the founder and executive editor of Defense Express. Arms Export and Defense Industry of Ukraine monthly. He is author and co-author of analytical reports, handbooks and books on the Ukraine Arms Industry, trends in world arms trade, and the development, production and export of military equipment. Among the books that he authored and co-authored are "Cult: Ukrainian Arms Business", "Syndicate", "Technosila", "Arsenal of Ukraine. Tanks", "Arsenal of Ukraine. Missiles" and many more others.

He is the author and publisher of the multi-volume popular science series of books "Weapons of Ukraine". The series, which has been published since 2010, includes books titled "War-fighting Arsenal", "War-fighting Arsenal 2015", "Air Force", "Shine of the Steel", "Shield of the State" and "Drone Aircraft: Call-up for War Service". Extensively illustrated with photographs and drawings, the books provide descriptions of brand new and upgraded types of arms and military equipment being developed and manufactured in Ukraine for all military branches.

Individual volumes of the “Weapons of Ukraine” series were nominated for nationwide Book of the Year award in 2014.

2015 saw the release of a new book from "Weapons of Ukraine” series authored by Sergii Zgurets. Titled "Shine and Rattle of the Steel. Lessons of War”, the book for the first time gives a comprehensive analysis of the Russian-induced military crisis and Russia’s role in the backing of terrorism in east Ukraine. It sums up the experience in using armored fighting vehicles in this conflict, and identifies critical issues facing the national armor industry based on lessons learnt from Ukraine’s Anti-Terrorist Operation against Russia-backed separatists. 

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