190307 Norwegian Iveco LMV 02Four years have passed since the beginning of Russian aggression against Ukraine. Yet, in some cases, the ban imposed by the United States and the European Union on military-technical cooperation with Russia is being openly ignored, writes Anton Mikhnenko of Defence Express, Ukraine.


180119 VTThe Russian Federation regularly takes the leading positions in the official world export ratings for arms and military equipment. However, this export is not always legal. Recently, more and more information appears that Russian or Soviet armament from the RF Armed Forces warehouses falls into the hands of terrorist organizations. This can be explained by contingency, however, this can cause serious concern when it comes to its mass presence in the regions of conflict ...

171025 1.enInformNapalm international volunteer community identified more than 40 types of weaponry and special equipment of the Russian Armed Forces in the Donbas through open-source intelligence activities (analysis of satellite imagery, chance videos made by bystanders, personal photos from social network accounts of Russian mercenaries and military personnel, etc.).


13 000 6I4A6 800x520Three years since the outbreak of Russia’s war on Ukraine in the Donbas, Poland remains Ukraine’s closest military and political partner.

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