panov s w620 h300 q100 m1472479848The illegal Annexation of Crimea by Russia has turned the peninsula not only into a military base, but also into a territory where such concepts as human rights, freedom, and security, are nothing more than empty words, writes Igor Fedyk, for the Centre for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies, Kyiv.

160226 Motyl.2.25.16 3If you’re wondering why the Minsk peace process isn’t leading to peace, look no further than a recent interview with Vladislav Inozemtsev, a highly respected Russian economist and director of the Center for the Study of Postindustrial Society in Moscow. The bottom line—surprise, surprise!—is this: Vladimir  Putin doesn’t want peace. He wants to make Ukraine into a permanent backwater state dependent on the Kremlin.

ValeryChalyValery Chaly, Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States: "Russia will not succeed in shifting U.S. focus away from Ukraine"

GradPInteresting products are manufactured at the workshops of OJSC Komsomolsk Mine Group in Starobeshivsky district (Donetsk region) captured by Russian mercenaries.

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