180712 Plant 12The State Enterprise Plant 410 Civil Aviation provides Aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services to markets both in and outside Ukraine. To date, the Company has overhauled about 7,000 airplanes and 40,000 aircraft engines for customers in over 50 countries worldwide. Plant 410 CA is a powerful Ukrainian-based enterprise that enjoys a high reputation as a stable, reliable partner. In an interview conducted by Defense Express, CEO of Plant 410 CA Viktor GANKEVYCH discusses his Company’s current situation and plans for the future.


DE: Plant 410 CA is well known on the market as a provider of MRO services for a diversified range of aircraft types and related systems, first of all the Antonov-series arplanes, as well as domestically manufactured aero-engines. Has the Company retained its specialization as an aviation MRO provider? What new lines of business are emerging at the Company?


Viktor Gankevych: The State Enterprise "Plant 410 Civil Aviation” is a powerful aircraft MRO company with a globally unique expertise, which, over its 70 years in business, has proven its impeccable reputation as a provider of high quality MRO for the Antonov-series airplanes. Apart from its current lines of business, the Company has been bringing innovative, international-standard technology solutions into its aircraft MRO business; it is expanding into new MRO markets, especially for current–generation equipment of brands such as Boeing and Robinson.


In 2017, Plant 410 CA signed a MoU of cooperation with the world’s leading American corporation Rockwell Collins, which would allow it improve and expand the capacity of its aviation MRO business and create within the Company a European-standard service center for modern types of aircraft and related equipment. We are open to various forms of cooperation, and are looking to take market leadership in the field of aircraft MRO.


180712 Plant 3

Plant 410 CA and Rockwell Collins signed a strategic cooperation agreement


DE: How did Plant 410 CA perform last year?


In 2017, Plant 410 CA fulfilled all its obligations under domestic and export contracts. Owing to the reforms put in place our Company finished the year with positive returns and besides that, continued with salary and wage increases for its employee staff.


180712 Plant 1

Plant 410 CA personal


DE: How is collaboration with domestic partners going? What kinds of projects are being pursued for civilian and military customers? What is on your Company’s order book at present?


Being a state-owned company within the Ukroboronprom Defense Industries Group, Plant 410 CA is carrying out priority works for Ukraine’s defense-industrial sector, within the amount set by the Government Defense Procurement Contract. We have to handle a range of challenges imposed by time, especially with regard to looking for alternatives to replace Russian-sourced components. Working in a team with our strategic partner, the State Enterprise Antonov, we are gradually replacing   these with alternatives offered by Ukrainian suppliers and worldwide leading aircraft manufacturers.


DE: Plant 410 CA has recently completed a contract, one of the biggest in the past decade, for the modernization of Indian Air Force’s AN-32 tactical transport aircraft. What’s the feedback from the Indian Customer? Has cooperation with India continued?


The Company has completed the overhaul and modernization of [40] An-32 airplanes (the Air Force’s remaining 64 examples will be modernized in India – editor’s note). Apart from having been overhauled, the airplanes have been comprehensively modernized to give them new and improved capabilities, and there is no negative feedback coming from operators of the airplanes regarding the quality of the work done. Plant 410 CA currently continues with its obligations regarding delivery of products required for upgrading the airplanes in the Republic of India. Considering high importance of cooperation with Indian partners, we continue to pursue a stronger presence in this regional marketplace.


DE: How is cooperation with other international partners growing? Which projects hold a promise of success and which have already been underway?


We are proud that the State Enterprise "Plant 410 CA" enjoys sustained external economic relations and cooperates effectively with aircraft MRO customers in a dozen countries around the world, most notably in Asia, but we are also developing relations with EU countries, among them Hungary. Especially noteworthy is effective cooperation in aircraft overhaul and life extension for the defense and public safety customers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, conducted in 2017 in partnership with Ukroboronprom and Ukrspecexport, as well as overhaul and modernization of airplanes for the Bangladesh Air Force.


180712 dogovor 1


180712 Plant 4

In 2018 Plant 410 CA overhauled and modernized second An-32 for the Bangladesh Air Force

180712 Plant 5


DE: In your opinion, what is the level of competition in the global aircraft MRO market? Can we compete successfully in this market?


In this market there is continuous competition in terms of product quality, diversity of the services provided, and convenience and reliability of service provision. So, we can see from the preceding comments that, with investment and modernization of enterprises, including staff and employee training, we would be able to reach a qualitatively new level of service provision; we have all the tools at hand needed for this strategy to succeed.


DE: What plans has the Company for future development?


This year, the Company is celebrating its 70th year in business, and it’s a great opportunity to revisit our history and to think about plans for the future to enable further growth and development. The enterprise will pursue further cooperation with Ukraine’s Air Force, the intensification of relations with international partners, and the search for new, potentially successful business opportunities. In particular, the enterprise already has successful cooperation with Ukraine’s leading air carriers and, on a parallel track, is setting up communication with foreign-country airlines operating from Kyiv I. Sikorsky International Airport (f.k.a. Zhulyany Airport) regarding MRO of airplanes. The Company has advantageous location, sharing a runway with Sikorsky Airport. So, we invite air carriers and aircraft manufacturers to mutually beneficial cooperation. Our Company's time-proven motto has remained as it always was: We give a new lease of life to aircraft!


General information:

The State Enterprise "Plant 410 CA" has well developed industrial infrastructure, highly qualified employee staff, and modern production assets. This gives it the ability to provide a diversified range of services that include:

overhaul repairs of An-24, An-26, An-30, and An-32 aircraft;

life extension overhaul of Antonov-series airplanes;

full range of maintenance for An-24, An-26, An-30, An-32, An-72, and An-74 airplanes;

full overhaul of herein-mentioned types of aircraft while in service;

aircraft health monitoring and maintenance as required of An-74 airplanes;

aircraft health monitoring and routine maintenance servicing of An-72 airplanes;

re-equipment/re-configuration of An-26 and An-30 airplanes for cargo, passenger, and mixed cargo/passenger transport, and for executive/VIP travel;

modernization of An-24, An-26, and An-30 airplanes for international flights (with installation of additional special equipment), in compliance with Customer requirements and design documents for a specific type of Antonov aircraft (including upgrade of avionics systems);

modernization of An-32 airplanes with up to a 40-year life extension and replacement of avionics systems;

upgrade of MI-8T helicopters to the MI-8MSB configuration by re-engining with Motor Sich ТВЗ-117ВМА-СБМ1В powerplants;

aircraft painting with polyurethane enamels;

measurement of the mass and center of gravity of herein-mentioned types of airplanes.



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