180621 OberihThe counter radio-controlled improvised explosive device (RCIED) electronic warfare (CREW) jamming system Oberih (”guardian”), developed by Novator State Enterprise of the Ukroboronprom state-owned defense industries holding company, provides vehicles with a higher level of protection against IEDs and remotely controlled mines compared to the original Garant-M technology from which it is derived.


The Oberih CREW system generates jamming frequencies within a range from 20 to 4,000 MHz. To prevent IEDs from being detonated by mobile phone, lower band frequencies are used, and spectral density has been tightened to achieve an increased power per unit frequency interval. The total jamming power has been improved to reach 800 Watts.


The device can operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to + 40°C.


“Specifically for the Oberih system, we are developing a mounting bracket for attachment to various platforms", an executive at Novator told Defense Express in an interview.


The vehicle-mounted Garant-M system was successfully used by a Ukrainian peacekeeping force deployed in an armed conflict zone. The use of the system helped it to thwart a few remotely-controlled mine explosions that potentially could damage a vehicle convoy passing by. The mines did explode, but well beyond the envelope of the device mounted on a vehicle. The Garant-M proved its capability to effectively neutralize RCIEDs from distances of 75 to 100 meters depending on the type of threat.


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Novator has leveraged the expertise it gained with Garant-M into developing its Oberih CREW product. "The Ukrainian military are interested in this new technology; they will test and evaluate the Oberih system in order to have it qualified for service use,” an engineer who developed the product said.


The Oberih system, like its Garant-M original, was manufactured at a factory in Donetsk prior to the Russian incursion into Donbas. Its primary purpose is to jam all transmissions coming to hostile electronic facilities, radios (fixed, mobile or man-portable), and cellphones, and to protect combat vehicles moving alone or in convoys by preventing the activation of improvised explosive devices, mines, bombs and other remotely controlled threats. The Oberih system accomplishes its primary mission by transmitting jamming signals within a broad band to counter a range of frequency diverse threats.


The system consists of four jammers, each equipped with a high-performance, broad-band antenna covering its designated area in a horizontal plane. The system is powered via built-in 24V power supply or, optionally, 220V mains adapter.


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