171208 btr4 01BTR-4MV1 -- a follow-on development to the BTR-4E APC technology – would offer improvements in the vehicle’s operational efficiency and battlefield survivability.  


Morozov Machinery Design Bureau’s BTR-4MV1 armored personnel carrier – a 8-wheel drive, amphibious all-terrain vehicle -- was certainly a special thrill of the Ukrainian display at the Arms & Security 2017 exhibition where is was demonstrated to the public for the first time in October.


Development of the BTR-4MV1 vehicle has fed in lessons from BTR-4E APC operations in real-world combat scenarios in Eastern Ukraine.


If compared to the original BTR-4E technology, the BTR-4MV1 features a number of improvements in terms of battlefield survivability and operational efficiency. Other enhancements include modular, multilayer armor protection as seen in some of APC vehicle designs developed by NATO countries. Another obvious benefit of the BTR-4MV1 upgrade is that the vehicle can be easily reconfigured for specific missions being dealt with, particularly by equipping it with additional armor protection or fuel tanks, buoyancy chambers etc. and, in contrast to the BTR-4E, damaged armor plates can now be easily replaced even under field conditions.


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The upgrade additionally includes a new, steeper inclined front section, enhanced armor protection of the vehicle sides, and new, blast attenuation seats in the troops compartment. In the rear hull there is a hydraulically operated ramp enabling troops to exit and enter the vehicle much quicker. Overall, the upgrade would offer a 12-15 percent improvement in protection of the crew, passengers and internal equipment over the original BTR-4E vehicle, it is claimed by Morozov.


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With new, multilayer armor protection solutions implemented in the BTR-4MV1 APC technology, and with enhanced protection of the crew and passenger compartments, the upgraded vehicle is almost three tons heavier than the BTR-4E while retaining the original vehicle’s swim capacity as well as mobility performance due to its being equipped with a 450hp Deutz engine coupled to Allison transmission. The upgraded vehicle is able to safely cross water obstacles even in rough waters up to state 2, according to Morozov. Mobility performance is improved further by adding run-flat inserts that enable the vehicle to continue to be driven in the event a puncture results in complete loss of tire pressure.


The BTR-4MV1, like the original BTR-4 E, carries a standard-issue weapons module BM-7 "Parus" equipped with a new, domestically manufactured opto-electronic sight integrating a highly capable thermal imaging camera and a laser rangefinder to enable target acquisition under any day or night weather conditions at ranges up to five kilometers. Improved situational awareness is provided by a 360-degree camera system interfaced with a display unit in the driver’s workstation.


The BTR-4MV1 upgrade is now ready for testing and evaluation, which successful completion will allow it to be commissioned for operational use by Ukraine’s Armed Forces.  



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BTR-4MV1. Key Specifications


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