180103 Karasuk 0At the Arms & Security 2017 exhibition in Kyiv, the Progress R&D and Production Complex and Central R&D Bureau Tochnist, Nizhyn, demonstrated their joint products for artillery delivered high-precision munitions – the 152/155mm Kvitnyk and the newly developed 122mm Karasuk.


Due to its use of semi-active laser guidance technology, the Karasuk is claimed to have 100% first-round hit probability at ranges up to 12 km. It can be deployed from artillery guns of 122 mm caliber, including the D-30 gun and self-propelled 2C1 gun system currently in service with Ukraine’s Armed Forces. Karasuk’s older sibling, the Kvitnyk, which is available in 152 mm and 155 mm calibers, has a range of up to 20 km.


Electronic and opto-mechanical components of the projectiles are designed to withstand overloads of ≥10,000g.


180103 Karasuk 1


"Using "smart", precision-guided munitions enables combat missions to be performed with cost and time efficiency and with reduced casualties. In the modern-day operational environment and under conditions of counter-battery warfare, the use of high-precision munitions gives a clear edge over the enemy," Progress Senior Vice CEO and Chief Designer Mykola Klochko, who doubles as CEO at Tochnist told Defense Express in an interview.


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 Both Karasuk and Kvitnyk use laser designator and rangefinders in their guidance systems. Semi-active laser seekers for the Kvitnyk were manufactured with the use of Russian-sourced components till 2014 when Ukraine’s Government imposed a ban on defense industrial cooperation with Moscow following the start of Russian military aggression in Eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian companies created a new version of the Kvitnyk, substituting the previously Russian supplied components for domestically developed alternatives that are used also in the newly developed Karasuk projectile as exhibited at Arms & Security 2017. And it turned out, in the process of reasonable import substitution, that a three-layer circuit board will well suffice instead of an 11-layer board used in the Russian supplied seeker head for the original Kvitnyk (see the difference in the photo). And this can be minimized further.


Volodymyr TKACH,

Defense Express

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