171117 козак 3NVO Practika R&D and Production Company, Kyiv, is Ukraine’s domestic market leader in military armored cars. Practika has supplied its products to the Ukrainian National Guard and Border Security Forces, and has recently got them adopted by the country’s Armed Forces. The Company’s most recent product portfolio expansion includes the Kozak-2M 4X4 light armored fighting vehicle and the Otaman 8x8 armored transport vehicle.


At the Kyiv “Arms & Security Exhibition-2016”, Practika showed off its lineup of a dozen armored vehicle products, including the Kozak-2M 4x4 and Otaman 8x8, which made their debut at the event.

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Kozak-2M is a 4x4-wheeled, independent suspension, light armored fighting vehicle developed to meet the requirements of Ukraine’s Airborne Forces and Special Operations Forces. It is essentially an improved iteration of the Company’s Kozak-2 vehicle that has been fielded with the Ukrainian Armed Forces since March 2017.

The Kozak-2M vehicle is suited for transportation of personnel, infantry weapons and battlefield supplies in highway/road/off-road settings; to provide tactical operational support for security patrols and vehicle escort missions during special operations; to provide command communications support; and to provide fire support to dismounted infantry soldiers. It can safely ford water obstacles up to 1 m deep.



It is designed to protect the crew and infantry squad from 7.62 mm fire and shell and mine blast fragments.
The Kozak-2M is larger, more capable and better protected compared to its previous-generation counterpart. Its design incorporates improvements and enhancements based on real-world user feedback from soldiers fighting separatist rebels in East Ukraine.

Kozak-2M, just like its older sibling Kozak-2, is provided with a troop-compartment fire extinguishing system, an automatic tire inflation (ATI) system, an air filtration and ventilation system, and front/rear window heaters. It features an advanced protection from ballistic and mine blast threats.
Being a unibody, independent suspension vehicle, Kozak-2M is built on the Iveco Eurocargo 4x4 chassis rated for 15t GVW. Armor protection is made from 12mm-thick Stanag-4569 Level 2 compliant armor steel plates produced by Miilux, Finland. Protection of the vehicle’s critical areas is additionally provided with three-layer plates with a splinter proof spacer that doubles as a heat insulator.



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Kozak-2M has been designed with a comprehensive range of anti-mine blast protection measures to provide the crew and passengers with an enhanced level of protection and overall survivability. It has modular layout and a V-shaped hull bottom designed to absorb and deflect part of the force of explosions away from passengers inside the armored hull. This is complemented by a multilayer floor that too absorbs part of the detonation energy and additionally reduces the secondary effects of fragments being projected inside the vehicle. Anti-mine protection withstands 6kg of TNT equivalent blast under any wheel or anywhere under the hull.

The vehicle has blast attenuating, ceiling suspended seats that Practika developed single-handed, leveraging on international expertise and experiences.
The roof of the vehicle can accommodate a remote weapons station or a one-man turret.
Kozak-2M was successfully passed through a round of MoD trials earlier in 2017. It was then field tested in military exercises conducted by the Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff. The exercises included drills where the vehicle was airlifted to different training locations, negotiated water obstacles, and was driven in different road and terrain settings. Performance of the vehicle was found satisfactory by the Airborne Forces, Special Operations Forces and the General Staff, as claimed by Practika.


Kozak-2M light armored combat vehicle. Key specifications and technical data

Wheel configuration




Gross vehicle weight

15,000 kg

Combat loaded weight

13,500 kg

Seating capacity

8 + 1 (driver)

Fuel tank capacity

190±5 l


1,000 km

Max. highway speed

120 km/h

Ground clearance height when fully loaded

415 mm

Max. allowed gradient angle 

30 o

Max. allowed slope angle

17 o

Fording depth

1 m

Turntable 7.62 mm/12.7 mm turret gun

Available as a basic equipment fit

Remote 7.62 mm/12.7 mm weapon station


Automatic 30 mm grenade launcher



6-cylinder, 205 kW/279 hp Iveco Tector diesel

The Otaman 8x8 vehicle, developed by Practika as a heavily upgraded version of the proven Soviet-era BTR-60 APC technology, is offered as a cost-effective platform for a family of specialist vehicles requiring improved survivability and large armor-protected volume (command and staff vehicle, battlefield ambulance, mortar carrier etc).


171117 Otaman
The new hull of the Otaman vehicle is made of modern armored steel that far exceeds in protective properties the armor steel used in the baseline vehicle’s hull. Such steel has a very high hardness combined with high ductility and tensile strength.

Otaman’s hull has been tested for compliance with the international standards for ballistic and anti-mine blast protection PM2000, STANAG 4569, EN1522, MIL-A-46100d, and Ukraine’s DSTU 3975-2000 standard.

Arrangement of the compartments in the Otaman 8x8 vehicle has been changed compared to the original compartments arrangement seen in the BTR-60. The engine compartment is located in the front portion of the vehicle’s hull, while the troop compartment is in the rear of the vehicle. So the troops enter and exit the vehicle via a rearward door, this facilitating the safety and security of soldiers while mounting the vehicle.

171117 Otaman3171117 Otaman2
Otaman features a new powerpack that differs fundamentally from that found in the original vehicle. In contrast to the BTR-60 with its two rear-located gasoline engines coupled to a manual transmission, Otaman uses a new Iveco diesel, with torque transmission from the engine to all the wheels being provided via a customized hydrostatic transmission.

The new vehicle, owing to its high torque engine, has got much better off-road performance, permitting it access to tough terrains that were otherwise inaccessible to the BTR-60 original.

The Otaman can be equipped with a remote weapon station allowing the gunner to operate the weapon while being protected by the vehicle’s armor. The weapon station will be equipped with a 90mm/105mm gun, in addition to a full set of stabilization devices and means of situational awareness.
The Otaman upgrade pack includes an improved, new level of comfort for the crew and passengers, provided due to the use of a dual-zone heater, an air conditioning and filtering system and NRBC filters.

The baseline BTR-60 vehicle provides no protections against mine and IED blast threats. The Otaman upgrade comes with an improved IED blast protection package consisting of multilayer, blast energy absorbing bottom hull, anti-mine floor protection and energy absorbing, blast attenuating seats.

Otaman 8x8, while afloat, is propelled by two screws located each side at the back. Although having a hull of water proof construction, Otaman is provided with water pumps needed to prevent water from getting inside the vehicle when negotiating water obstacles.

The Otaman 8x8 vehicle will be showcased at the Arms & Security exhibition in Kyiv in October 2017, following completion of automotive trials.


Otaman 8x8 armored fighting vehicle. Key specifications and technical data


Gross Vehicle Weight

10,500 kg


7,340 mm


2,840 mm

Vehicle roof height

2,140 mm


Iveco diesel

Engine power

238 hp

Engine torque

1020 N*m



Ballistic protection level

STANAG 4569 Level II (+ optional ceramic armor protection)


Anton Mikhnenko, Defense Express

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