170925 PCO 0INNOVATIONS FOR THE SAFETY OF THE POPULATION – is a motto of PCO S.A. The Company proved it for Polish society. Now, having plans to expand our activity on international market, PCO S.A. has an intention to offer our safety for other countries too. Ukraine would be among our top priorities. We could be stronger together and we already took steps towards the mutual goal.

PCO S.A. is a company with over 40 years of experience.


It became and still is not only the biggest but also nearly the only producer of optoelectronic devices with use of laser, night vision and thermal technologies in Poland. All products are results of research and development activities of the company.


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Past helps create future


For over 40 years PCO SA is important part of the Polish arms industry creating defensive potential of Poland. We are a leading domestic producer of technically advanced optoelectronic equipment for soldiers and other uniform services.


PCO follows the newest trends in the branch and participates in numerous strategic-organizational initiatives. PCO has significant role in programs of modernization of the Polish Armed Forces, supplying devices for soldiers and combat vehicles. Due to our own research and development infrastructure we build strong position of the domestic defense industry.


Our products are known for their high quality and their users confirm reliability and innovation of offered technical solutions.


PCO S.A. was established in 1976. In 1994 the company was transformed into joint - stock company under the name of “Przemysłowe Centrum Optyki S.A.” (Industrial Optics Centre)


From the beginning of its existence had a status of defense industry company and fulfilled tasks for the needs of state defense and security as a single Polish manufacturer of optoelectronic equipment.


In 2008 PCO S.A. has moved to new premises and continued its activities in new buildings and on a larger area.


PCO S.A. is a member of the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ S.A.) consolidating Polish defense industry.




PCO S.A. produces a wide range of optoelectronic observation and aiming devices with laser, night vision and thermal vision technologies to military personnel and uniformed services. These include night vision goggles and monoculars, aviator's goggles, as well as day-night thermal imaging and night vision aiming sights and collimator sights.




PCO produces also observation systems for various armored vehicles, including night vision and thermal imaging systems, as well optoelectronic heads with various sensors (NV, IR, TV cameras, laser rangefinders), flight parameters display systems, fire control systems, and laser warning systems. It also modernizes periscopes and observation systems for armored vehicles.


Nowadays the company employs over 600 skilled employees.


Current plans and actions


PCO S.A.’s priority will be the execution of current contracts for delivery of optoelectronic equipment for the Polish Armed Forces and our customers abroad. We will be also working on the development of equipment for military vehicles and improvements of current products for individual soldiers.


PCO has a very stable situation on a domestic market and secured orders for the next couple of years. Having long-term contracts gives us a chance to plan our activities also for further future. It allows us to effectively allocate resources and focus on the development of new products and markets. What we especially have in mind is research and development on innovative products – first of all for the army, but also for civilian applications mainly in the area of widely understood security. We also see some chances in the development of the space industry in Europe and participation of our country in European Space Agency programs (ESA). Of course we do not forget about developing our export and cooperation activities, mostly in South East Asia, Ukraine and Western European NATO countries. What may also matter for our export is the fact that the PCO product, the PNL-3M aviator’s goggles has been certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and thus can be used e.g. in EC-135 Airbus helicopters. This helicopter is widely used in emergency services like air medical service. It is also a good example how the military technologies are transferred to civilian applications and merging those two will be definitely one of our priorities.


Our plans also include activities on scientific field. PCO cooperates within the Polish Technological Platform on Photonics, which our company coordinates. It helps us to follow the latest trends in the optoelectronics industry and share experiences. This year PCO is planning to organize another edition of Optoelectronic Conference that gathers leading specialists, representatives of Polish Army and defense industry. It is a great opportunity to discuss possibilities of practical applications of photonics, not only in the defense sector but also other areas important for the country.


PCO also cooperates with universities and institutes in order to use potential of Polish science and growing innovation of Polish engineering.


Offer which helps to guarantee safety


For more than 40 years, PCO S.A. has been providing the military and other uniformed services with high-tech optoelectronic solutions for individual soldiers as well as combat vehicles. Today PCO S.A. offers to the armed forces and other specialized users worldwide (including Ukrainian Armed Forces) the cutting edge night vision and thermal imaging products based on the top European technologies. Our main goal is to cater for the needs of the most demanding clients in order to enable them to gain required advantage in low light and most severe deep night conditions. We fulfill needs and expectation of the customers by supplying modern, reliable and safe optoelectronic devices providing security. PCO S.A. not only delivers equipment, but also necessary support, including consultancy, trainings, maintenance, repairs, spare parts and upgrades during the entire life of our products, in order to maximize customer satisfaction and benefits from the long and hassle-free use of our devices.


Our current product range consists of:

-           Night vision goggles

-           Day-night aiming sights

-           Thermal observation systems and cameras

-           Night vision periscopes

-           Fire control systems

-           Laser warning systems

-           Integrated optoelectronic modules

-           Stabilized observation and tracking optoelectronic systems

-           Flight parameters display systems


PCO in Ukraine: to be stronger together


Modern history of cooperation between PCO SA and Ukrainian companies started in 2013.


Then in 2014 cooperation got new impulse. It was difficult time not only for Ukraine but for regional and international security too. That is why PCO S.A. proposed for Ukrainian counterparts several solutions based on night vision and thermal technologies. During that time we were trying to equip and modernize existing fleet of BMP-1’s with passive night vision technologies. The other activity was aimed at tanks where PCO was interested in providing passivation of driver’s and commander’s observation devices and implementing thermal sights. All these components significantly improve operational capabilities of tanks in night conditions.




The field trainings conducted in Ukraine confirmed the high technical and tactical value of the modernized tanks and armored vehicles, which allowed us to get a certificate of approval of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


The other area where PCO had a lot to offer is individual equipment for soldiers like night vision goggles, aiming sights, thermal and night vision binoculars.

The cooperation between PCO SA and the organizations of Ukrainian defense industry brought the new contract agreed and signed in June 2017. The scope of the contract is delivery of the optoelectronic night vision equipment produced by PCO SA which is designed, developed and designated for the modernization of BMP-1 combat vehicles used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.




PCO S.A. would also like to propose for consumers in Ukraine its new products.


GOD-1 IRIS stabilized observation and aiming optoelectronic system


GODA stabilized GOD-1 commander optoelectronic head for observation and targeting is a technically advanced product with a number of features enabling easy integration with weapon platforms (vehicles; armament modules, anti-aircraft sets). Its design allows using it on different types of land vehicles designed for detection, recognition, identification of ground and air targets.


GOD-1 is designed for detection, tracking and aiming at ground and air targets in Remote Tower System both under natural daylight conditions and at night.









Miniature Night Vision Monocular MU-3M KOLIBER  mu 3m


Miniature night vision monocular MU-3M is a modern night vision device, designed for individual user for observation in night conditions. MU-3M is currently one of the lightest night vision devices in the world.


Device after fixing on the weapon can be used as a night vision sight (in cooperation with collimator and holographic sights). It is also possible to fix the device on a bridge and use it as night vision goggles for vehicle drivers. Monocular can be fixed on all types of helmets, using the existing standard fasteners of the monocular MU-3. Monocular design is based on 16 mm image intensifier with an autogating system. Thanks to modern aspherical optics the device is also much shorter than the previously produced monocular – the overall length is 97 mm. MU-3M night vision device can work with an infrared attachment ClipIR, thus allowing observations of the scenery in fusion mode: night vision and thermal modes blended together.


DCM-1 SZAFIR modular day sight


SzafirModular day sight DCM-1 is a light set of day sights designed for firing at short and medium distances. DCM-1 was designed for weapons used in Polish Future Soldier Program - MSBS -5.56 rifles and assault rifles Beryl. DCM-1 comprises of a LDK-4 rifle scope and MK-1 - a miniature collimator of open type installed on it.


The LDK-4 sight may be used for ballistics of a particular type of weapon by using appropriate reticle.


The LDK-4 rifle scope is designed to work with thermal imaging sight and night vision instruments (e.g. MU-3/MU-3M monocular) installed in front of the sight that enable using it at night or under reduced visibility conditions


Ukrainian companies could be also interested in cooperation on the Polish market.


In Poland, we still have a lot of post-Soviet military equipment like BMP-1 armored vehicles, T-72 tanks and Mi-8, Mi-24 helicopters. It is quite possible that many of them could be modernized using Ukrainian experience. PCO is mostly focused on optoelectronic part of modernizations, and for this reason we are open for cooperation with Ukrainian companies, both for Polish market as well as third markets like Africa or Asia. The growing military spending of Polish government are also a chance for Ukrainian companies to participate together with Polish firms in modernization programs and tenders prepared by Polish Ministry of Defense.


We are aware of a huge potential and experience of Ukrainian companies and we would very much appreciate the possibility to build mutually fruitful cooperation. We believe both sides can benefit from this kind of business relationship.




PCO S.A. had achieved its success by improving the safety of the country and its population. For the past 40 years, we have been doing our best to ensure that our solutions are innovative and meet the changing requirements of our customers. We pay a lot of attention to our customers’ needs and we are open for cooperation, including potential partners abroad. Nowadays technological progress in military equipment has accelerated considerably and therefore, being open to combining the capabilities and potential of different partners, can often create better and more effective solutions.

Certainly, today's world is becoming less and less secure and predictable, therefore people and governments expect growing security that only new technologies and innovations can provide. That is why our motto "Innovations for the safety of the population" is still valid, not only in Poland but also in almost every part of the world.


Paweł Glica

PCO S.A. (Poland)



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