ДозорState Company Lviv Armor Plant, which is incorporated with the Ukroboronprom (Ukrainian Defense Industries) state-owned holding group, has launched production of the Dozor-B light armored 4x4 vehicle developed by the Morozov Machinery Design Bureau. The first two vehicles are already undergoing the State Trials process that is potentially leading to Approval for Service Use.

The Dozor-B vehicle is designed to protect the crew, passengers and internal equipment from NRBC attacks, the effects of small arms fire, shell fragments and mine threats, precisely 7.62-mm AP bullets fired from 30 meters, and fragments of 150-mm HE shells detonated 50 meters away. Special operations units of the armed forces and internal security services can use the Dozor-B as a transport vehicle or a mounting platform for different weapons systems and military equipment.

The baseline Dozor-B design can form a basis for a family of specialist vehicles, including command vehicle, scout car and medical evacuation vehicle, as well as a mobile platform for antitank weapons or a fire support squad armed with 120-mm mortar.

At the Kiev Arms and Security 2015 Expo in September, Lviv Armor Plant showcased the Dozor-B vehicle in two configurations: armored personnel carrier (APC) and light armored personnel carrier (LAPC).

Both of the configurations are powered by DEUTZ BF 4M1013FC four stroke four cylinder turbocharged 190hp diesel engine mated to Allison LCT-1000 automatic transmission. Suspension is of independent type with A-type control arms, with torsion springs integrated with hydraulic buffers on each of the four wheels.

Baseline equipment set on both configurations includes HVAC, communications equipment, a GNSS receiver, a 6.8t self-recovery winch and a smoke grenade dispenser system.

The design of the hull allows the installation of slat armor to protect against larger caliber munitions and heavier mines. The level of additional protection will be defined by specific customer requirements.

The Dozor-B LAPC vehicle is armed with a turret-mounted 12.7-mm NSVT-12.7 antiaircraft machine gun which is aimed and fired remotely via optical monocular periscope sight with rotating head PZU-7. The Dozor-B APC features the BPU-12.7 machine gun turret. The targets that can be engaged with this machine gun turret are hostile armored vehicles as well as aerial targets (helicopters) at ranges up to 2,000 meters, at day or night. A non-stabilized turret that can run autonomously, the BPU-12.7 is controlled remotely from operator’s station. Related fire control system is comprised of a color TV camera, thermal imaging camera and laser rangefinder.

Key Dozor-B APC and Dozor-B LAPC specifications

Specifications Dozor-B APC Dozor-B LAPC
Dimensions 5600x2400x2700 mm 5800x2450x2700
Crew 3+6 3+7
Engine DEUTZ BF 4M1013FC DEUTZ BF 4M1013FC
Weight 8450±250 kg 8550±3%
Maximum Speed 120 km/h 120 km/h
Capacity of fuel tanks 146 l 180 l

Ukroboronprom announced it would deliver 150 Dozor-B vehicles to the country’s Armed Forces during 2015. However, this number was subsequently reduced to 10 vehicles to be procured by year’s end.




During a visit to Lviv Armor Plant, Ukrainian Minister of Defense Stepan Poltorak tried out the vehicle and was left satisfied with the results. He praised it for being easily controllable, well riding and highly maneuverable.

The manufacturer did not disclose the estimated price tag for the vehicle, other than to say that the Dozor-B would be four times cheaper as compared to international counterparts.

It has to be mentioned, that Ukraine is not the only manufacturer of the Dozor-B vehicle. Poland is another country that is showing practical interest in the new Ukrainian APC. In 2011, Poland’s Mista acquired production license for the DOZOR-B vehicle from the Cyprus-based company Lacenaire Ltd. It took two years for the Polish company to set up production line and obtain the requisite manufacturing facilities. The Polish version of the Dozor-B, named Oncilla, is an upgrade to meet western manufacturing and quality standards as well as NATO ballistic protection requirements.


Particularly at IDET 2015 arms expo, an improved variant of the Oncilla APC vehicle was showcased for the first time. The original Oncilla APC vehicle has been equipped with a diesel engine DEUTZ BF 4M 1013 FC (190.5 hp), while the upgraded variant features now an IVECO NEF 4 ENTC (209.5 hp), and Allison 1000 automatic 6+1 speeds gearbox, allowing a maximum highway speed of 120 km/h. The fuel range is set at 750 km.

The Oncilla APC is protected by a Level 2 (STANAG 4569) armor protection in standard configuration, and can be upgraded after installation of outboard passive armor up to Level 3 (STANAG 4569).

The Oncilla can be fitted with a remotely controlled turret, as well as an open turret. Each of them is equipped with a NSV 12.7 mm machine-gun, the ammunition load is 450 rounds.  

Standard equipment of the Oncilla APC also includes central tire inflation system, hydraulic power steering, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system (HVAC), automatic fire extinguisher system, filtering and ventilation unit, and 6.8 t self-recovery winch.

A second new variant of the Oncilla APC was unveiled at MSPO exhibition held in Poland in September. This version was displayed equipped with heavier armor protection and a new machinegun mount.

The Oncilla APC vehicle is being promoted by the Polish manufacturer as a multi-purpose armored vehicle aimed to meet the requirement of the Polish Armed Forces. More, the Oncilla vehicle has attracted interest from potential customers in Iraq, Nigeria and some of the North African and Sahel states.

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