191202 MainThe debate on which chassis is best to build self-propelled artillery systems is ongoing. However, in the last five years, wheeled SUVs have appeared more than tracked.


Defense Express reports with a reference to Ukrainian Military Pages


Most of them are still prototypes and are being tested, but rich countries have already begun their series. An overview of the following samples by chronology [ENG SUB]:


    00:00 AHS Kryl (Poland, 2015)
    00:44 Phlox SAG (Russia, 2016)
    01:28 SUF Ashura (Iran, 2017)
    02:08 SUV Aleksandar (Serbia 2017)
    2:53 AMS Yavuz (Turkey, 2017)
    03:40 SUV Dana M2 (Czech Republic, 2017)
    04:30 Bogdan SAU (Ukraine, 2018)
    05:15 SUV Type-19 (Japan, 2018)
    06:01 SAU PLC-181 (China, 2019)
    06:44 AMU ATMOS (Israel, 2019)


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