191129 formnextLast week, from 19th to 22nd of November, the Formnext 2019 International Exhibition and Conference on Additive and Intellectual Industrial Production was held at the Messe Exhibition Center in Frankfurt (Germany). At this large-scale international event in the field of additive and innovative technologies, Both systems for the manufacture of modern high-tech parts and systems for the production of batch products capable of using various materials - from polymers to metals, as well as composite materials were presented.


The most widespread use of materials for the construction of finished parts on additive 3D systems was presented by Stratasys - the world leader in 3D printing and additive solutions, materials and services.


191129 Formnext2019 Stratasys

Stratasys booth at Formnext 2019


For each type of material, Stratasys offers equipment that uses its own developments and technologies: FDM for thermoplastic materials; PolyJet for photopolymers; LPM for metals. Both power and non-power components of machines and mechanisms, exterior and interior details of vehicles, technological equipment, decor elements and much more can be made of these materials.


191129 formnext 1

On the Stratasys booth at Formnext 2019 was presented a variety of sample parts and components made using additive technologies from a variety of materials. The photo shows products made using Stratasys FDM technology: parts made of Pa12CF composite material: air intake, steering rack and aircraft technological equipment made of Ultem 1010 f for the layout of composite parts


191129 Formnext 2019LPM

Assembled ICE, parts of which are made of aluminum using Stratasys LPM technology.


For the first time in Europe, the Australian company Titomic was represented at Formnext 2019, which was distinguished by innovative solutions for the manufacture of metal parts and the application of various protective metal coatings. Titomic additive systems utilize ColdSpray technology - cold gas-dynamic metal deposition.


191129 formnext 2

At the booth of the Australian company Titomic at Formnext 2019 was presented Model of rocket carrier, all external bearing elements of which are made using ColdSpray technology


This technology is currently widely used in the aerospace industry, where it is very important to obtain high characteristics of the finished product with minimizing weight. Given the cost of durable high-tech materials and the complexity of their processing by the traditional method, ColdSpray technology allows you to get a result with a high coefficient of material utilization of 80-95%. A very important factor is that during the production the part does not heat up (maximum temperature in the construction zone is 100-150 degrees), which allows using this technology for repairing metal parts and applying protective coatings.


191129 Formnext2019 ColdspayTitomic rocket carrier segment. The understatement stiffeners are grown using ColdSpray technology, the material is aluminum alloy. To obtain the final size machining of the part was performed.


It should be noted that a team of experts from Ukraine also worked at Formnext 2019. This gives grounds for hope that new technological solutions and materials will soon be available in Ukraine and will be used to enhance Ukraine's aerospace capabilities.



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