190403 ukroboronpromPeople are most important in machine building. If these people create new technologies, they need to be implemented quickly. Otherwise, we come back to the fact that all our pride is the Soviet designs.


This was emphasized by Roman Bondar, Deputy Director General of Ukroboronprom, in the interview with Mind.


One of the main problem with the lack of engineers at the state enterprises is law salaries. International competing companies offer much more.


“The salary of constructors at one of our main enterprise is UAH 15 000, and two blocks away there is a foreign company which created R & D-center, and they offer a salary of UAH 75 000”, – Roman Bondar has commented.  


Therefore, to fight for engineers for Ukroboronprom it is extremely important to be able to compete with the companies that provide their specialists with standards, technologies, English training and in five time higher salary.


A positive example of effective management and professional engineers’ involvement is the State Kyiv Design Bureau “Luch”. The enterprise manufactures missiles, and it is ahead of the technical characteristics of many international analogues. The recipe for success is simple: Oleh Korostelyov, talented general designer, has assembled a team, who has a clear purpose – to create the best missiles in the world.

Based on the production shop, the general designer has created a certain semblance of mass production to manufacture the missile samples that are in demand at an exponential rate. An average salary at the enterprise is UAH 59,000.


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