191113 UniversityAn international brigade command-staff exercise according to NATO standards will be held from 11 to 14 November at the National Defense University of Ukraine with the participation of about 100 officers — students of the Command and Staff Institute of Use of Forces as well as students and instructors of the Command and Staff Course of the Lithuanian Military Academy.


Defense Express reports with a reference to  MoD of Ukraine


It should be noted that joint command-staff exercise involving students from Ukraine and Lithuania are being held at the University for the third year in a row.


At the introductory briefing, the Deputy Chief of the University for Academic Affairs Major General Sergiy Salkutsan greeted foreign participants of the exercise.


— I am very pleased that our cooperation within the exercise is turning into a good tradition. I hope that this event will benefit the students of both the National Defense University of Ukraine and the command and staff course of the Lithuanian Military Academy. The main task is to continue our cooperation in the educational format, — noted Major General Sergiy Salkutsan.


Lithuanian representatives were informed about the current status and tasks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during a briefing.


During the exercise, students of Ukrainian and Lithuanian military educational institutions will work through the issues of planning of action as well as command and control of units during combat mission at the Simulation Modeling Center of the University.


National Defense University PA Service

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