191112 profTo fulfil the instructions of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on preparation of the State Target Scientific and Technical Program for 2020-2030 the State Concern “Ukroboronprom” and Aviation Workers’ Trade Union have signed the Memorandum on Cooperation. This decision ended the meeting conducted on November 11.  


Defense Express reports with a reference to Ukroboronprom


SYP 9047 290x210“Ukroboronprom economic policy is focused on increasing production volume, generating income, modernizing manufacturing facilities and ensuring product competitiveness by analyzing the welfare of the aircraft and missiles industries employees. Our goal is to reform the industry with a view to rapidly increasing its performance”, – said Ruslan Korzh, Deputy Director General for Aircraft and Missiles.


Yarema Zhuhaievych, the Chairman of the Aviation Workers’ Trade Union stressed that the parties will take measures to optimize and increase the efficiency of production in order to improve the social and economic security of employees.


During the meeting it was also stressed that Ukroboronprom together with the Aviation Workers’ Trade Union will provide measures to prevent and counteract corruption and unprofessionalism by the management of the companies-members of Ukroboronprom.


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