191111 Zahorodniuk 1On November 10, Minister of Defense of Ukraine Andriy Zagorodnyuk participated in the live broadcast of the “TSN. Week" program, according to the Defense Ministry’s website.


Answering the question regarding possible attack of the Russian Federation from the South and whether we have a specific plan in such a case, Minister of Defense noted:


- We do always feel the threat. But our task is to protect the country under any circumstances. Of course, we're looking at different scenarios now. We do not see any critical reinforcement, which would not fit into the plans we knew about at the beginning. The militarization of the Crimea by Russia is happening - it is ongoing. Of course, we keep track of everything, our intelligence works. We know about the enemy's actions, but we do not see the scenario that it has somehow worsened critically and that some situation awaits us in the near future.


Andriy Zagorodnyuk also stressed that the scenarios are being constantly monitored and the Ministry of Defense has worked out options for relevant response to them.

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