191105 MilitaryServicemen from the Armed Forces of the Republic of Estonia and Finland have undergone engineer training courses at the National Land Forces Academy in Lviv.


Defense Express reports with a reference to  MoD of Ukraine


For five days, under the guidance of experienced teachers of the Ukrainian military university, Estonian and Finnish military engineers improved their knowledge and skills of minefields, got acquainted with the peculiarities of overcoming mine-blasting barriers, water obstacles, use of heavy engineer vehicles and weapons which are adopted in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Special attention was paid to the experience of the use of engineer units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Anti-Terrorist Operation and in the Joint Forces Operation in the East of Ukraine.


191105 Military 1


Foreign representatives were highly interested in the features of the use and disposal of improvised explosive devices (IEDs).


At one of the sites of the International Peacekeeping and Security Center of the National Land Forces Academy, they were able to see and directly participate in the demining, disposal of explosive devices and familiarized themselves with the capabilities of the elements of mine and explosion barriers used in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


At the end of the event, representatives of the Republic of Estonia and Finland expressed their sincere gratitude to the leadership and staff of the National Land Forces Academy for the opportunity to expand their professional knowledge and especially for the opportunity to learn experience of Ukrainian military engineers.


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Moreover, a number of previous arrangements have been reached to deepen further cooperation by increasing the duration of the course and the number of students attending and conducting similar events in Estonia and Finland.



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