191104 honored the memoryParticipants of the multinational command and staff exercise "Maple Arch - 2019" attended Smolianske military cemetery in Zhytomyr.


Defense Express reports with a reference to  MoD of Ukraine


Commander of the Air Assault Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Major-General Yevgen Moisiuk together with NATO servicemen honored the memory of the fallen soldiers, defenders of the Ukrainian land.


Ukrainian paratroopers recalled the brothers in arms who gave their lives for independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Servicemen paid tribute to the fallen with a moment of silence and laid flowers and wreaths on the graves.


191104 honored the memory 2


By the way, this military cemetery belongs to the monuments of the history of Zhytomyr where the soldiers - participants of the Second World War and the Russian-Ukrainian War are buried.


The multinational command and staff exercise "Maple Arch - 2019" is being held with the support of the Canadian Armed Forces in concert with military personnel of the Armed Forces of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine.


191104 honored the memory 1


In total nine countries are taking part in the exercise: Georgia, Bulgaria, Canada, Lithuania, Poland, Northern Macedonia, Romania, Montenegro and Ukraine.


Service personnel of the 95th separate air assault brigade and officers of the Air Assault Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who carry out tasks within the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade named after Hetman Konstantin Ostrozkyi are involved in the exercise.


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