191021 SymposiumThe 12th Regional Seapower Symposium of the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions has started in Venice. Ukrainian Navy is represented by the Chief of the Ukrainian Navy Vice Admiral Andrii Tarasov.


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The main directions of the event are “Assessment of Naval Power in the Maritime Era”, “International Maritime Law” and “Development of the Navy in the Conditions of Increasing Importance of the Marine Environment”.


The Regional Seapower Symposium of the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions is one of the main activities of international naval cooperation. This year, delegations from 35 countries, including 24 fleet commanders as well as civilian economic and political analysts are taking part in the event. Participants will discuss the threats to the world society at sea; threats to free use of the sea, in particular international straits, activation of criminal activities at sea, piracy, pollution of the oceans, illegal fishing, climate change and as a consequence increase in the number of natural disasters.


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Moreover, the parties will consider ways to refine the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea to ensure that it is relevant to the current situation at sea and responds to approaches to the construction of future fleets to secure the Blue Economy.


— The role of the Navy for the protection of the maritime economic zone, the economic interests of the state at sea, the prevention of illegal activity at sea, the protection of areas of fishing, the protection of commercial navigation, in particular the free use of international straits is increasing under modern conditions, — stressed Vice Admiral Andrii Tarasov. — In general, the experience of the leading world countries, their vision of solving problems is very important for realizing the national interests of Ukraine at sea and changing our philosophy regarding the use of the sea in the interests of the people of Ukraine. We have the opportunity to use the potential of the oceans, but we use a very small part of it," — added Andrii Tarasov.


Feasibility and importance of the participation of representatives of Ukraine in such activities is determined by the need to maintain and develop military cooperation with the naval forces of the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions, in particular in the context of the implementation of common tasks aimed at countering current security challenges.


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