191017 delegation 0Visit of the delegation of the Federal Ministry of Defense of the Federal Republic of Germany to Ukraine is ongoing.


Defense Express reports with a reference to MoD of Ukraine


The purpose of the event is to continue the dialogue between the defense agencies, to get acquainted with the progress of the defense reform in Ukraine as well as to conduct Ukrainian-German expert negotiations on an integrated defense planning process at the national level and to identify key conceptual approaches, tools and documents that support capability-based planning.


During the negotiations, the German side is expected to get acquainted with the process of the defense review, its methodology, main objectives and results. Moreover, both sides will look through the main conclusions from the assessment of the security environment which are intended to facilitate the preparation of strategic documents in the field of security and defense of Ukraine - the National Security Strategy of Ukraine, the Military Security Strategy of Ukraine and the Strategic Defense Bulletin of Ukraine.


191017 delegation


Key aspects of the establishment of the command and control system based on capability development as well as other defense planning issues will also be discussed during the meeting.


191017 delegation 2

191017 delegation 1


Improvement of defense planning procedures in accordance with Euro-Atlantic principles and approaches is a prerequisite for the development of realistic programs and plans for the development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other components of the defense forces in order to ensure their defense mission.


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