190111 SBUUkraine's SBU State Security has said it exposed a Kharkiv citizen recruited by Russian special services to carry out subversive activities against the country - collecting information about military personnel and military units of Ukraine's Armed Forces.


"SBU counterintelligence officers found that during a trip to Russia for the purpose of employment, an employee of a Kharkiv-based state scientific institution was recruited by an enemy intelligence service to provide personal data of Ukrainian servicemen and their duty stations. He was instructed to transmit the received information to the curators through electronic communication channels," the SBU's press service said on January 10.


The suspect immediately came to the attention of SBU when he returned from abroad.


SBU agents documented the suspect's activities gathering personal information about Anti-terrorist Operation participants from among employees of their state institution. The suspect failed to complete his criminal task. On the eve of the transfer of the collected data abroad, the suspect was detained by SBU agents.


"During a search at the place his residence agents seized an electronic storage device with personal data of Ukrainian soldiers," the SBU said, noting the information was "for official use" only and could harm state interests if divulged.


A criminal case under Article 14 and Part 1 of Article 110 of Ukraine's Criminal Code was opened and the suspect was serviced a notice of suspicion.


The investigation continues.



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