190110 NATOMacedonia may join the Alliance in the spring of 2020.


Ukraine has every chance of joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) after Macedonia joins the Alliance.


"As you know, the Alliance is considering, besides Macedonia, three more countries, among them are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Ukraine – as these countries are ready and preparing themselves for membership of the Alliance," head of the Mission of Ukraine to NATO Vadym Prystaiko said on TV channel 112 Ukraine.


Talks have begun on accession of the 30th member to NATO – Macedonia and Ukraine is hardly able to get ahead of Macedonia in the process of joining NATO, Prystaiko said.


"Ukraine will not have time to become the 30th [member], but if we work, we can easily become the 31st or 32nd member of NATO," he said. Prystaiko also outlined main tasks for Ukraine this year on the path of joining NATO.


"I think the most important task not only for Ukraine, but for all its diplomatic missions abroad, including this mission, is to protect our state amid the ongoing war, and all our plans depend on this.


As for the defense of our state – we must do everything necessary so that our army could repel the aggressor, so that our society could win the hybrid war," he said.



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