180413 ВМСThe Ukrainian Navy is planning to acquire 30 new warships worth together UAH 10 billion by 2020 as envisioned by Ukraine’s Armaments Development Program 2020.


The Navy headquarters has developed operational and tactical requirements on maritime platforms for the Navy’s "mosquito” fleet. These platforms will have to be NATO compatible technologically and, also, in terms of technical quality of the hull’s construction and the effectiveness of the onboard weapons systems used.


Captain 1st Rank Andriy Ryzhenko, the Navy’s deputy chief of staff for Euro-Atlantic integration, stated one time that Ukraine’s Navy, despite the current budgetary pressures, is planning near-term procurement of small, fast, low-signature, well-armed boats and craft for various purposes, which would naturally fit into the Navy’s ‘mosquito fleet’ concept.




For performing the tasks of defending Ukraine’s coastal area out to 100-150 nm offshore; protecting maritime economic facilities, coastline infrastructures and sea lines of communication; securing national borders at sea; and countering the threat of Russian invasion from sea, including, in the first place, the prevention of amphibious assault operations by the adversary or intrusions of hostile saboteur/reconnaissance groups, the Navy headquarters developed a three-echelon structure for operational deployment of the future combat craft fleet.


"The first echelon will be comprised of missile boat platforms carrying long-range attack missiles, torpedo weapons, artillery guns, and EW systems. Their task will be to deter intrusions by the aggressor’s ships (first and foremost to Ukraine’s exclusive economic zone) and to conduct fire on its surface and subsurface combatants," Captain 1st Rank Andrii Ryzhenko said.


In the future, these tasks will be performed by Lan’-Class fast attack missile boats.


The second echelon will consist of multipurpose patrol and mine countermeasures platforms. Their task will be to patrol certain sea areas; to escort, protect and convoy ships, especially in maritime shipping route areas. This echelon will also include mine countermeasures platforms that will detect and neutralize mine threats and will provide anti-sabotage protection for harbor and port infrastructures. In other words, these platforms will defend Ukraine’s sea ports and maritime lines of communication. The U.S. Island-Class offshore patrol boats that are being considered for handover to Ukraine’s Navy will likely fill this niche requirement, but other platforms for similar purposes need to be constructed as well, Mr Ryzhenko said.


The third echelon will include fast amphibious boat platforms, built locally or imported –highly mobile, low observeable, and capable of speeds up to 50 kts. They will deliver marines and Special Forces to their objective destinations. Kuznya na Rybalskomy is now building Centaur-Class amphibious assault boats to meet the Navy's requirement, and the Swedish amphibious boat CombatBoat 90-Class is being considered as a potential addition to the Navy’s amphibious assault capability.


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