160324 dnipro Ukraine’s indigenous mobile Dnipro surface-to-air (SAM) launcher system is now in the final stages of development.


Mounted on a KrAZ high mobility truck chassis, the Dnipro SAM launcher is intended to defend against aerodynamic threats (both existing and prospective) in ECM-heavy environments, and to provide air situation pictures and mission reports to higher-echelon commanders.


The Dnipro will be able to provide a protective air defense envelope to 150 kilometers.


One Dnipro SAM battery will consist of a command and control unit mounted on an armored KrAZ-6322 truck platform, a multi-role AESA radar mounted on a KrAZ-6322 vehicle, and up to six semi-trailer mounted launchers towed by rugged-terrain trucks such as the KrAZ-6443, making it a highly mobile SAM system.






160324 dnipro2

160324 dnipro3

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